Past Projects

Family Histories

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I have been the family genealogist since I was a teenager, always curious about past family stories, connections and the lives led by my ancestors. In 2011 I was commissioned to produce Just a Jewish Girl, a book chronicling the escape of a young Jewish girl with her family from Europe in 1940. The book is illustrated with family photographs and documents serving as a genealogical resource for family members and a historical record for Holocaust studies.


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In the summer of 2014 my eighty-five year old aunt invited me to accompany her on a journey to India the following spring. She had traveled all over the world to many exotic places yet still had a “bucket list.” At the top of her list was: Kashmir in the springtime to see the Tulip Festival in Srinagar and stay on a houseboat on Dal Lake. I said yes to her generous offer. It was my first trip to a Third World country. While I recorded our days visually with my camera, my aunt kept a written travel journal. I’ve inserted some excerpts from her journal in this book to provide context to my photographs. The day-by-day itinerary text was taken from trip materials provided by our tour company, Wild Frontiers.

I designed and produced this coffee table book as a gift for my aunt and made additional copies available to our fellow travelers.

March of the Living

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In 2012, I traveled to Poland with an organization called March of the Living. Our adult group joined with holocaust survivors and thousands of high school students from around the world to march out of the concentration camp of Auschwitz in commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day.  This was followed by a week of touring in Poland where we learned about the vital contributions of the Jewish people to centuries of Polish history and about the holocaust, the ultimate annihilation of the Jews and what had been their vibrant culture within Poland. I produced this photobook as a memory keepsake of our journey for the trip participants. In addition to the photographic content, the book includes some text by participants and our scholarly guide, sharing thoughts, feelings and observations about this life-altering trip.