Halina WachteMs. Burns would welcome the opportunity to further share stories from March of the Living ~ Our Stories at speaking engagements.

Synagogues, Churches and other suitable venues – Ms. Burns will share excerpts and photographic illustrations from several chapters, and speak about how particular stories were chosen for the collection. She will also share her personal family story as it is linked to the Holocaust.

Middle and High Schools – For high school students studying Modern European History, these stories can be read as primary source material adding a human depth to their knowledge base. Combined with historical context, the stories bring the study of World War II to life in a meaningful way with a dynamic impact.

When students come to realize that these stories come directly from survivors who were close to their age when these events took place, the opportunity arises for discussions across a range of topics beyond history from internal resolve to human resourcefulness to responsibility towards others within communities, as a few examples.

For more information or to schedule a speaking engagement contact : Jan Berlfein Burns 310.422.9811. To send an email, visit our contact page.